Hotel de la Poste in 1900 A little history
The tradition of hospitality in Cortina d'Ampezzo: Hotel de la Poste

The hotel stands on the ruins of the church of Santa Caterina, sold by the City in 1811 to Sylvester Manaigo (1769-1831), who obtained a license for lodging, stables and tavern.

In May 1835 the current bar of the Posta was used as a post office, and in this way the Manaigo family ensured, through a stagecoach service, mail delivery from Lienz via Dobbiaco.

In 1905 the service run by the Manaigo brothers had to end, due to the event of the motor coach replacing horses.
Meanwhile, the grandson of Sylvester, Maximilian turned the inn in a hotel, expanding the building and adding two more floors.
After the First World War, the hotel resumed its business after hosting the headquarters of the Austro-Hungarian Army first, and then of the Italian one.
Between the wars, the hotel had taken a charming shape, with turrets and pinnacles typical of the time.
Those were the years in which the writer Ernest Hemingway frequented the bar, staying in the hotel, in a room on the first floor.

After the Second World War, when the building became the headquarters of the German armed forces and then of the American ones, the hotel became the center of hospitality of the New Post War Italy.
Then, for the event of the 1956 Winter Olympics, the hotel was fully modernized and practically assumed its present shape.
But the great success of the "Posta" is inextricably linked to the legendary Bar, first launched by the bartender Renato Haussmann, and then by his pupil Antonio Di Franco, who still manages it.
These were the years of the Dolce Vita in Ampezzo, in which many world-renowned actors and VIPs were guests in Cortina.
In those happy years shows and events are held, who find safe harbor in the animated "Posta bar".
In the eighties, Renato Manaigo and some friends, created the Winter Polo, played on the snow. This event becomes increasingly important with age and exclusive. The hotel participates with his own team and often wins tournaments.

Passed the baton to his eldest son Gottardo, the Hotel faces new challenges, and is now managed by his brother Gherardo together with cousin Michela.

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