Become passionate about this sport that has distant origins, but only today is exploding in our country to the point of being able to talk about a “paddle-mania”. Yes, paddle (as it was baptized in Italy) or padel (as it is called and written in the rest of the world). A mix of tennis and squash. A smaller tennis court generally made of synthetic turf, closed on the sides with glass walls, Plexiglas or other transparent materials, in which it is strictly played in four. If tennis was born more technical and reasoned, paddle is definitely more dynamic and immediate, since the first entrance into the field.


It was the Posta to inaugurate, in Cortina, the first tournament dedicated to this sport, the trophy Hotel de la Poste that is played in September. The Cortina Paddle Center, at the Apollonio Stadium, has two outdoor courts. Would you like to be part of the Hotel de la Poste team?