Sport officially introduced in the 1998 Olympics in Nagano, Japan, curling is widespread especially in North America. The game is very similar to traditional bowls, even if, between tactics and strategies more and more complicated, in the circuits we started to talk about “chess between the ice”.
Curling is a game that is played on a frozen field, where two teams of four players take turns to through stone blocks with a handle (stone) weighing about 20 kg, so that they stop as close as possible to the target, drawn in the ice (house).


It is played at home, in Cortina, and has been present for a hundred years.
The hotel arranges the curling starter courses for a fee. In half an hour you learn the rudiments of curling and then in the next half hour you start playing. The courses are designed for at least 4 people and generally the instructors always find other curious who want to try.