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There is a curtain full of untouched nature, land rich of trails, activities, and outdoors wellness. Moving around freely in the winter or summer, learning to listen to the sounds of silence, enjoying the freshness of the wind and above all, to see what mother nature has given us as a gift.
The snowshoe trails described here, will take you to the most charming and beautiful Cortina basin, from the 5 Towers, to the pinnacles of the Croda da Lago, the famous and impressive Tre Cime di Lavaredo, to the enchanted mountain group of the Cadini Misurina. Snowshoes allow us to walk on snow without sinking too, making the trip enjoyable and fun.
No real danger, no particular technique, but only the pleasure of walking and moving over a vast mantle of white snow. Full days of intense physical movement, arms legs, days worked out in the aerobic, breathing the clean air that only the forest of the highlands we can give.

Skiing the 4 passes in the Dolomites Skiing the 4 passes in the Dolomites
The longest European skiing tour, 45 km of perfectly prepared slopes (never too difficult!) using modern and quick chairlifts and cable-cars! ... Continue »
Round trip of the Cime di Lavaredo. Round trip of the Cime di Lavaredo.
A circle around the most famous mountains of the world, the 3 Cime di Lavaredo. ... Continue »
Round trip of the Cadini di Misurina Round trip of the Cadini di Misurina
The small mountain group of Misurina is particularly fascinating because of its stories and vivid mountain legends. ... Continue »
Round trip of the 5 torri Round trip of the 5 torri
It is a labyrinth of unique towers and isolated vertical walls, in the summer a rock climbing area and in the winter an enchanting surrounding for excursions with snow shoes. ... Continue »
Round trip of Mondeval Round trip of Mondeval
A wonderful historical itinerary in a suggestive surrounding on a wide plateau on 2015m, between the massif Monte Pelmo, the Lastoi de Formin and the sharp peaks of the Croda da Lago. ... Continue »

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