Round trip of Mondeval
A wonderful historical itinerary in a suggestive surrounding on a wide plateau on 2015m, between the massif Monte Pelmo, the Lastoi de Formin and the sharp peaks of the Croda da Lago.

Round trip of Mondeval

In 1995 the tomb of a prehistoric hunter who lived about 7 thousand years ago was discovered.

The hunter was about 1.70 meters tall and probably died because of a fracture of the backbone. He was buried in a big rock shelter together with objects that he used during his life.

The itinerary develops on a wide area covered by snow outside of the thick wood.

You first reach the saddle "forcella Giau" below the vertical walls of the Lastroi de Formin, then you arrive to the peak of the mount Corvo Alto, in a white natural paradise.

  • Start: Road of the mountain pass Passo Giau (25 min by car from Cortina)
  • Arrival: Road of passo Giau
  • Elevation gain up: 450m
  • Elevation gain down: 450m
  • Difficulty: middle - easy
  • Lenght of the itinerary : 10,5 km
  • Excursion covered in: 4 - 5 hours

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