Round trip of the Cime di Lavaredo.
A circle around the most famous mountains of the world, the 3 Cime di Lavaredo.

Round trip of the Cime di Lavaredo.

The imposing vertiginous North walls where climbers from all over the world wrote the history of the alpinism of the Dolomites and where also nowadays many alpinists climb these amazing mountains.

The 3 Cime di Lavaredo are part of the Natural Park of the Dolomites of Sexten, at the border with the Natural Park of Fanes-Senes-Braies that confines with the Natural Park of The Dolomites of Ampezzo.

The itinerary starts at the frozen lake of Antorno.

Your are lead to the mountain hut Auronzo on altitude 2320m by snowmobile.

The excursion keeps you on high altitude, first reaching the saddle forcella Lavaredo, then the forcella di Mezzo, and finally going back to lake Antorno.

  • Start: Lake Antorno ( 35 min from Cortina)
  • Arrival: Lake Antorno
  • Elevation gain up: 250m
  • Elevation gain down: 450m
  • Difficulty: middle
  • Length of the itinerary: 11 km
  • Excursion covered in: 4-5 hours


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