Born in 1835 as a refreshment place for postal coaches, the Hotel de la Poste in Cortina, nowadays a historic site of Italy, has made of hosting its most important value. Owned by the Manaigo family for generations, the hotel is located in the heart of the “Queen of the Dolomites”, and has always been the meeting place of the Ampezzani elite. Here each room has a small story to tell, each photograph hanging on the walls carries a date and each object exhibited has its own importance over time.
The history, traditions and hospitality are elements that clearly arise in the attention to detail in every corner of the hotel, from the combination of warm colors to the precious woods, which have always been the true essence of the “Posta”, which is a Historical Site of Italy.


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Concierge Service

For our most discerning customers, we offer a dedicated concierge service with available staff that speaks your language, operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Our concierge are able to offer personalized services, such as: transfer to or from Venice airport, the organization of an exclusive event, the purchase of a tailored suit, a trip decided at the last minute, the reservation of a table for a business dinner, a luxury car rental and much more.
Meeting a need is an obligation, responding to a request is courtesy, and courtesy is our most important value.